Writing prompt 

Writing prompt: Who were you? Before they broke your heart?

Why ask this question? It’s ridiculous.  I was no one, of course.  Oh, I know you expected to hear, “I was full of sunshine and roses; unicorns danced around me in ecstasy and I dreamed of nothing but my white prince and the future.”

What a horrible cliche. Really.  Aren’t we beyond that in life yet?

My heart was broken when I was born.  You see, when you’re in utero, you’re in the most secure and content place there is to be.  Oh, sure, some will say it isn’t but compared to this world?  Compared to the

He said, she said








And the worst sin of all…


Compared to these evils, what is a newborn baby?  Our hearts are broken when they take away our food, they are broken when our parents aren’t in the room, they are broken when our first friends turn from us, and they are broken when we are told not to fuss.

We are broken.

Or maybe you wanted to hear about the heartbreak of first love?  What is there to say?

I did.

He didn’t.

It was just the first of many times of having to turn with a straight back, walk casually, smiling at strangers, only to finally make it to solitude.  There I could let the agony out.  There I could feel the rejection, the abandonment, the loss, without being judged.

Or maybe the heartbreak of death….of how they were just there and now…they’re gone.  Of how you never lose the hole it creates and you try to fill it as much as possible but only the self destructive things work and they’re slowing sending you to an abyss…

Full stop.

The lesson from heartbreak that needs to be learned is a simple one:  It’s not how to avoid it.  It’s not how to build your walls and prevent it from ever happening again.  

Those things are easy.

The lesson is to remind yourself that you have survived and that you will again.

“If this person leaves me; I will survive.”

“If this person dies before me; I will survive”.

I know of no other way to be but to survive.  We all do it every day.  And we’ll do it again tomorrow.




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