Snippet from Whiskey Bent

This is a story that lives in my head.  I haven’t worked on it lately but I’m getting there.  Background: Whiskey Malone grew up poor in a small town in Missouri called Blue Lake.  Her father was nowhere to be found and her mother died when she was twelve.  Whiskey came back to the town after college to run a bar on the lake.  That’s all I’m telling you for now! Happy reading!


“Well, if it ain’t my favorite shot,” rumbled a southern drawl that would have made Rhett Butler jealous.


I looked up and smiled.  Two of my favorite out of towners were standing at the bar smiling at me like I was the first woman they had ever seen…and they liked what they saw.  Therein lied the secret to Jared and Jasper’s likability, they loved women and they oozed charisma.  Neither of them were more than moderately attractive, both standing about five feet ten inches and built like brick walls: strong arms, barrel chests, sturdy legs, but their eyes are what saved them from being looked over.  A clear, perfect, ice blue that conveyed exactly what they would do to you with a single word of affirmation and a quiet place.  The eyes were exceptional but there was just something about the Tully boys that made you feel like you could tell them your deepest, darkest secrets and they would hold you in their arms and make love to you…or rough you up.  In short, they would do whatever it took to make you satisfied.  


Luckily all they had to do to make me smile was to show up and drink.


I moved out from behind the bar and was engulfed in a massive hug from Jasper.  After he had squeezed my ass and winked at me he passed me on to Jared who did the same but one upped his brother by pulling my hair out of the clip holding it off my neck.  My red hair tumbled down my back in waves and the brothers sighed.


Jasper said apologetically, “we’ve been waiting all year to see the fire ignited”.


I laughed, grabbing my clip back from Jared, and put my hair back up.  “What can I get you boys? A beer? Some shots?”


Jasper answered, “we’re heading out on the water early; we’ll take some shots, sweetheart”.  I grabbed their brand in bottles, twisted the tops off and handed them to the boys.  “I’ll start a tab and there are a couple beauties from Colorado hanging out in the back corner.  If I were y’all I’d stake a claim before the rest of the crowd gets here. I’m sure they would like to meet some Georgia boys” I winked at the brothers and sent them on their way; two boys who would never grow up until forced…or tied up.  


I sighed and turned towards the grill to see if there were any orders up.  I loved Jared and Jasper dearly but they opened up a hole in my heart that I normally filled with work.  The one downside to their amazing personalities…they made you want something.  Sometimes you weren’t even sure what it was but you wanted.  The boys would be in their cabin for the next two weeks, fishing by day, romancing the girls by night, but I knew they would show up for an off night at my cabin.  Just three friends around a fire pit, enjoying companionship.  It was the most…and the best…thing I could hope for in my life.


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