2016 was a year that a lot of well known entertainers died.  I was even a little sad about a few of them.  It got me thinking though.  Due to their medium of creativity, we will always have their voices, their faces, their characters.  It’s not really them that we miss.  It’s their persona.

I lost two people this past year and there are pictures of them.  I got to thinking the other day that I just wanted to hear Mary Lou’s voice.  I went through all of her Facebook and I couldn’t find a video of her.  Sure, in my memory I can see her beside me in her Xterra, dancing and singing or rapping along with a song.  I can hear her laughter and see her eyes crinkle up in a smile….but what if I lose that memory?  What if it goes away too?

Brad left 8 years ago.  He was the one who I never really got over.  I loved him so much.  I see his face every time I look at our daughter.  For 8 years I tried not to think about him though it was impossible.  And our daughter has no memory of his voice, or of how he threw back his head in laughter, how he would dance in the car, or how he could two-step well, or how excited he got when OU would make a touchdown (and he would quietly celebrate as I slept on the couch beside him), or how steely his eyes could get when he was mad.  She’ll never see him run a pool table, or feel his hug. She doesn’t even have these memories of him.  I do, but how I wish that I had video of him.

We spend a lot of time making fun of people for taking videos or selfies.  Yes, some people do it to a huge extent.  I think that others need to do more.  When we are gone, our loved ones will miss seeing our smiles.  They’ll miss our laughter, or are sarcasm.  For those of us who are too self conscious to let people take videos and pictures…they’re losing a part of us.  We live in an age where we don’t have to rely on only our memories.  We can utilize them now.  Don’t take anything for granted. 


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